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Object-Oriented Information Technologies for Physics Teaching
General Purposes
We use computer in school to teach all physics themes
Theme Structure of Computer Education Course
Theory Presentation with Dynamical Models
Theory Presentation with Graphics (picture)
Computer Task Collection for All School Physic Course
Show Dynamical Models
Computer Research Work
Use object-oriented analysis (OOA) to planning computer constructors of physics models
Optic Constructor (picture)
Object models created by students
Object-oriented information model of real world (graph)
State Model of Physic Object (Photon) (graph)
Action flow diagram (Photon) (graph)
Use object-oriented design (OOD) to build computer programs for physics teaching
Kinematics Constructor
Formula Constructor
Use object-oriented Internet technologies for education programs 
Internet=JAVA+HTML (picture)
Object-Oriented Education
Our Plans
Our Resources