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My work in Ultima-S project

My work in Ultima-S project included the problematic analysis, designing of the architecture and process control of creation of the program. In time carried out in the project I have tried myself as the analyst, designer, tester, technical writer. During three years I manage group of the developers. I have designed all accounting and bookkeeping units of the Ultima-S, system kernel and document circulation units designed by Dmitrij Tsuranoff.

Account (bookkeeping & accounting program)

My first work in the project was creation of the bookkeeping unit. My task was to make the program compatible with the most popular program of book keeping in Russia, which is named 1—. My problem was similar to a problem of the FoxBASE developers to create program compatible with dBase, but with some advantages. I have created the program, which has as well as 1— flexible adjustments for a concrete problem. This program is named Account. I began to write this program when I was a programmer. By the end of development I was programmer group leader and analyst. For development of the program I have invited Roman Chernyshev, which I had known on work in ďKlad SoftwareĒ Roman has made the system of printing for Account. In comparison with 1— our program has a number of advantages. For example, more analytic levels are supported, the performance is higher, and the program supported  SQL language. Project director Dmitrij Razgulaev with analyst Dmitrij Nikolaev and me create method for using program as accounting system.

Analyzer (analytic reporter)

My following work was creation of the universal analytical reporter, which is named Analyzer. After work with other analysts I have designed this reporter and have programmed its kernel. Roman Chernyshev implemented the user interface. This program allows the user to build the various analytical reports on the balance accounts without programming. The user can design new types of the reports, defining what analytical groups and what analytical objects are necessary to him

Document Accounting for Ultima-S

After completion of the basic works under Analyzer I began the largest project on the basis Ultima-S.Together with group of the developers I should create accounting system for all documents and necessary reporting. This system should in the long -term support book keeping instead of Account. For this work I have invited analyst Alex Kustov, which I had known on testing Account. In our system the user can set a accounting methods for documents, define at what moment the document is taken into account, what signatures are required for accounting. I have designed this system and have written its kernel. Alex has developed various account techniques for our system and manages testers group. The user can create the various analytical reporting using Analyzer. For corporate balance, cash flow and other reports we work out separate unit.

User reporter

My last work is user reporter. In comparison with the Analyzer user in this program can build the reports without limits, using programming language SQL. User can make query and forms, as he (or she) wants. Now we are creating wide report set for various tasks.